Pygmy Goat Project

The pygmy goat project raises pygmy goats from newborn kids to adulthood. Because of their cute size and lovable personalities, they make great pets. Our goats often participate in petting zoos at festivals and community events. We have also just begun a partnership with a nonprofit environmental group called Acterra, in which our goats will be used to clear non-native plants to restore the habitat here at McClellan Nature Preserve. Showmanship at the county fair is also part of our project. Every day of the week, a different project member comes to feed the goats and clean the pen. There are both adult and juvenile goats in the project right now. Some owners choose to breed their goats to have the experience of seeing the kids being born and getting to raise the babies. In the fall or winter, maybe we can breed one or two of our goats.

About the pygmy goat

A pygmy goat is a breed of miniature goat. Their full height is usually less than 2 feet tall. Their bodies are “cobby,” which means short and thick-set, with a deep, wide body and short neck and legs. Pygmies come in several colors and patterns: caramel, brown agouti, grey agouti, black agouti, black, and solid black. Agouti is a mix of dark and light hair that creates a “salt and pepper” effect. Pygmies are originally from West Africa. Their friendliness and hardy constitution makes them popular in petting zoos and backyard farms.

--E. L.

I like the Pygmy goat project because I get to feed the goats, groom them, and get to be with them.

--M. F.

I like the Pygmy goat project because the animals are friendly. I like to walk the animals and take care of them. You can do showmanship with your animals, and get to practice and give them shots, and other people help you.

--K. F.

The Pygmy Goat Project meets monthly at McClellan Ranch, Cupertino.
You can contact the project leaders at